Our community nursing team is on hand to help

We provide a comprehensive range of Community Nursing Care Services with the needs of our patients and their families guiding our nursing care.

Community Nursing

These services include:

  • Holistic assessment of health needs
  • Assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of patient needs in their own home
  • Wound care assessment, for example, surgical, ulcers, tears and pressure wounds
  • Health promotion health checks and immunisation programmes within the patients home
  • Palliative and end of life care and associated symptom management
  • Promotion of self-care whenever possible
  • Administration of treatment using specialist nursing equipment and medication
  • Assessment and prescribing of appropriate equipment to facilitate care in the patients home and manage risks to prevent complications

Thank you for all the care

Thank you for all the care you gave not only to my dad, but to us as a family

Freshney Pelham Care

Patient's family

Community Nursing

  • Assessment and treatment of incontinence and bowel care
  • Initiating and co-ordinating care including referrals to other agencies
  • Diagnose, treat and prescribe from the nurse formulary as appropriately trained
  • Medication management of CVAD and subcutaneous infusions
  • Parent and enteral feeding
  • Ear care and assessment
  • Falls management
  • Multi-agency and multi-disciplinary working
  • Vital signs and sepsis monitoring and assessment
  • Medications as Medication Management Policy
  • Catheterisation¬†
  • Referrals to and from other organisations on behalf of the patient